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Bluegrass Unlimited

“This West Virginia band presents a powerful program with tight arrangements and some hot guests that provide some great music”.- Bluegrass Unlimited

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Bluegrass Today

“With their fine fifth album, West Virginia’s Circa Blue demonstrate once again why they’ve increasingly become the bluegrass band to watch over the course of the past several years. Adept in their arrangements and assured in their intents, the band exhibits both craft and confidence with each of the eleven tracks on Footprints In A Song, selections drawn from both original offerings and a tasteful choice of covers. In each case, they manage to make the material their own, stamping it with a sturdy signature sound that effectively resonates throughout.” - Lee Zimmerman, Bluegrass Today

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Bluegrass Today

“In addition to having a compelling melody and groove, It’s really a lyrically visual tune. An absolute brilliant song that we are honored to cut.” - Steve Harris, Circa Blue, “Footprints in a Song”