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cir·ca [sur-kuh] preposition, adverb

Origin:  1860–65; < Latin: around, about

“Circa Blue” is the perfect description of what we represent. We are “about” bluegrass -- not completely traditional, not completely contemporary.  We write a substantial portion of what we perform, and any covers we do, we make them our own via arrangements and our own interpretations.  Good music is good music, regardless of its origin!

We strive to be unique and entertaining to all audiences, so everyone will discover something they enjoy. Tight vocal harmonies, clean instrumentation, and creative arrangements keep audiences tapping their toes or dancing in their seats … whichever they prefer.

Our second album is completed and we could not be more excited! It features 8 original tracks and 5 cover tunes done "Circa Blue" style.  The new album has held the Roots Music charts for overall album since its' release late Feb. 2014. “To Mabel with Love” has been as high as #15 for single song, and we are currently #36 for overall weekly album. we charted at #38 for The newly released top 100 bluegrass albums in 2014! To every DJ that has, and continues to, give it a spin, we say Thank You! Take a listen.